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About David G. Swanson

D avid G. Swanson is a humorous writer/novelist who lives in the Southwest Colorado mountain town where he grew up. He delves into both non-fiction and fiction, with the only requirement being that the piece he’s working on at the time has to have a comedic tinge to it. This style of scribbling words on a page is the only requirement for what he does. He’s just that passionate about writing in the style.
Since beginning his odyssey as an author of stories and essays he’s achieved a number of milestones with his writing. A self-published book of essays based on his childhood adventures (or mis-adventures as the case may be) was put out in December, 2015. His website/blog came on line in November of last year, and he’s received recognition for a variety of the pieces he’s authored, whether it’s short story, essay, and even the occasional novel excerpt.

Latest Books

Air Conditioned Bus Tours is now available through Amazon, purchase off this website, or by contacting the author.  He might even send you an autographed copy of the book.  Although having him do this may lower the actual re-sale value of the manuscript since you’re probably looking to make some money off the transaction.

 Whether or not the pages of these novels are action packed, or sleep inducing is up to the reader (don’t say you weren’t warned).