About David G. Swanson

David G. Swanson is a humorous writer of fiction/nonfiction in various incarnations including short stories, essays, and the occasional novel or four. Although the place where I live is very isolated in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado, it provides me with infinite opportunities to explore my creativity in the writing realm.

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M r. Swanson’s life-long odyssey as a humorous/satirical writer happened in a strange and circuitous manner. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, the degree he earned in Environmental Biology while there got him into the U.S. Peace Corps and a 2-year volunteer stint as a rural Forester in Kenya. Having a penchant for changing horses in the middle of the stream, Swanson’s lifelong love of comic books strongly influenced him to enroll in a cartoon art school after returning to the states.

Following graduation with a trusty diploma and a bunch more dreams in his possession, he worked as a graphic artist/painter. Over time this career path only enhanced his restlessness, and eventually led him to the one true calling in his life, the pursuit of a career as a writer of humorous tinged essays, short stories and novels. This he has pursued for the past twenty years with mixed reviews in the success department.

Contrary to what some might think of his life as being an endless series of jumps from one passing interest to another, there is a certain odd, but at the same time unique logic to this whole bizarre journey. All of his past life experiences seem to have pointed towards his pursuit of the humorous writing.

David G. Swanson
"Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public."
-Paulo Coelho

At this point the passion shows no signs of waning, and has a 100% chance of leading to him giving up on the writing journey right after they’re done shoveling soil onto his permanent dirt nap.