This section of the site contains the 2-pg. synopsis’ for the two most recent novel length manuscripts (“Friendship Highway” & “Air Conditioned Bus Tours”), and details about the self-published book of childhood essays (Silverton Style).  That manuscript is available through Amazon, purchase off this website, or by contacting the author.  He might even send you an autographed copy of the book.  Although having him do this may lower the actual re-sale value of the manuscript since you’re probably looking to make some money off the transaction.

As for the two novel manuscripts; Friendship Highway has a word count of 62,306, 310 pages, and is 35 chapters in length with an epilogue. The Word Count for Air Conditioned Bus Tours is 79,205, the story is 355 pages, and 29 chapters in length. Neither manuscript has seen the radiant light of publication (self-publishing doesn’t count).  Whether or not the pages of these novels are action packed, or sleep inducing is up to the reader (don’t say you weren’t warned).

  • Air Conditioned Bus Tours

    Air Conditioned Bus Tours A novel Who doesn’t look forward to going on vacation? Spending time away from their daily struggles relaxing in whatever manner one […]
  • Friendship Highway

    FRIENDSHIP HIGHWAY A novel ADRIAN STEWART (aka Ads) and PATRICK DAUGHERTY have a friendship that’ll last till the day after the Apocalypse. College comes to an […]