This section of the website contains all sorts of different scribbles. I’ve had a blog since January of 2012 and most of these missives are from that. The way I’ve put stuff on the blog is slightly different than the standard modus operandi though, and some of the postings are even duplicates of earlier essays. Postings happen as follows: I’d write an essay or short story way ahead of when it actually got posted, and then do the standard copy-n-paste procedure the day of publication to the blog. Essays that made publication in the book “Silverton Style” have also been indicated. Additional short stories are also posted on this portion of the website.

Most blog postings have word counts of seven hundred, fifty to thirteen hundred words (short-n-sweet). I’ve really tried to accommodate the visitors to this section of the site who may want to read a longer short story. These are posted with their exact word count listed. I’m figuring you may want to read a short story that has a longer word count so it can help you? Your current case of insomnia may be just that extreme.

September 10, 2022

“Ah-Ah=Perspective” (Essay, 858 Word Count)

This essay relates to a recent A Theatre Group performance of the play, ”The Curious Savage”. What a great experience!!                                                      Word Count: 858 “Ah-Ah-Perspective” Two […]